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    Nowadays cryptocurrency bitcoin is not only favorite techno fetish toy of a narrow range of cyberpunks, but is becoming a widespread technology, which will change the whole financial world. Many mainstream bankers and even whole governments are becoming more and more aware and even afraid of this unique decentralized technology, which will make our society more transparent and fair.


   In order cryptocurrency economics to develop, we all, the bitcoin community and bitcoin evangelists must promote this technology and make it more accessible for the wide range of individuals. The most efficient way is to provide individuals an easy way to make exchange operations with bitcoins in a convenient way – via bitcoin ATMs and self-service cash terminals. Today the number of bitcoin ATM is very limited and the market is almost empty, so bitcoin ATM business is an attractive business niche.



   Rossomahar offers high-quality bitcoin ATMs and bitcoin self-service terminals at affordable prices. It is the fully functional solution for selling and buying bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for cash.


Our bitcoin ATMs use the universal fully functional processing system from the leading Russian processing systems developer Predprocessing.com. This system provides not only opportunities to organize cryptocurrencies exchange for cash, but is the solution for universal financial services provider. With the use of our software you can accept payments for any mobile operators, internet providers, TV, electricity, taxes, skype, viber, etc. Also, more sophisticated ATMs can lend money — microcredits, service for lending clubs and microfinance organizations. (check out promo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWdw5SmdgwQ )


All models of our machines can be equipped with extra devices, such as second screen and fingerprint scanner, card-reader, passport scanner, depending upon your country’s legislation requirements regarding financial operations. Machines can be personally branded according to your colors, logo, firm style – any colors, stickers, etc.


WE ACCEPT BITCOINS for our goods and services and make discounts for such deals. The basic price is set up in fiat USD and is converted to BTC at the BTC-E exchange rate at the date of a deal.



:: BTC-ATM — Model BASIC


This is only the cash-in version of the cryptocurrency ATM. Includes one touchscreen monitor, bill validator (Cashcode MFL or MEI Advanced Cashflow), printer, 3d bar code scanner, to scan user’s cryptocurrency wallet from paper or from smartphone. This machine provides user a service of purchasing bitcoins for cash. Exchange rate can be either taken from bitcoin exchange (at the moment payment gateway is set up with BTC-E, but actually it can be any), or any arbitrary amount set up by ATM owner.




Additional equipment:


  • Fingerprint scanner (very useful device, if your country requires biometry identification for financial transactions) + USD 340
  • 2nd monitor (you can use it to show ads and earn more money, or simply show learning video instructions for ATM users) + USD 200


:: Model CASHOUT


        This model includes all the features of the BASIC model, but is also equipped with cash dispenser. Cash dispenser can be either 1 or 2 nominal and up to 6 nominal. The most affordable and well spread model is the one with 1 nominal dispenser. This bitcoin ATM model can work both with exchange operations of buying bitcoins and selling bitcoins and receiving cash for it.





If you wish to use 2-nominals dispenser, this adds USD 400 to the basic price. The cost of additional equipment is the same as above.



:: Model PREMIUM


   In fact, this model is the mobile bank office. It includes all the features of the above ATMs, includes pin-pad and card reader, 6-nominal dispenser, passport scanner, cards hopper.







Our system is based upon Predprocessing system – software for payment and processing systems – one of the leading Russian developers of software for banks, payment systems, info kiosks, ATMs, etc. It provides not only the possibility to work with cryptocurrencies via ATMs, but in fact is the universal payment processing system. Check out presentation and documentation of the processing system:






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What is ‘rossomahar’? This is Latin transcription for Russian ‘wolverine’. This small carnivore is of the same family and nature as honeybadger – mascot of bitcoin. ROSSOMAHAR is the Russian bride of HONYEBADGER, and soon, as bitcoin will become legal in Russia she will be its legal wife. We are the fast-growing group of high-skilled bitcoin enthusiasts who are trying to do their best in order bitcoin to become legal means of payment, store of value and medium of exchange in Russia. Our professionals have strong background in finance, IT, engineering. We have a work experience in such large banks as ALFA bank, Sberbank, payment systems such as QIWI and Cyberplat and are graduated from the LSE (London School of Economics and Finance), HSE (State University Higher School of Economics), Moscow State University. We have a strong team of programming professionals who support our processing system and engineers who design and produce new equipment. WE ACCEPT BITCOINS for our goods and services and make discounts for such deals.

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